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Version 1.0 New Features

Mighty is proud to announce the release of software version 1.0. We have been working hard on this one for the past 4 months to give you new features that will enhance, improve, and expand the capabilities of your current Mighty. For new users, Buy Mighty here.

1. Shuffle Mode

Shuffle the order of songs in a playlist

TO ENABLE: Press and hold the Playlist Selector button for three seconds to toggle on/off

2. Repeat Mode

Repeat the playback of songs in a playlist

TO ENABLE: When shuffle is on, repeat is also on. When shuffle is off, repeat is also off.

3. Stay Fresh

Automatic refresh of all playlists currently synced to your Mighty


1. In the app, navigate to the User tab (bottom right), click Stay Fresh, and turn Stay Fresh on

2. Plug your Mighty into a charger at night

3. Make sure your Mighty has a WiFi connection (Mighty will automatically reconnect to the last network you connected to)

4. Auxiliary Cord Support

Support for most speakers/headphones that have an external auxiliary cord

TO ENABLE: Enabled by default

5. Low Power Mode

Increased battery life during wired playback

TO ENABLE: Enabled by default

6. Refresh Individual Playlist

Ability to refresh an individual playlist as opposed to having to refresh all playlists at once

TO ENABLE: Navigate to the Music tab (bottom center), use the radio buttons to select the playlists that you want to refresh, then click the Refresh button above

7. Stop Sync

Ability to stop a sync in progress

TO ENABLE: During a sync, click the Stop Sync button

8. Factory Reset

Restore your Mighty to factory settings (helpful if giving Mighty to someone else)

TO ENABLE: Navigate to the User tab (bottom right) and click the Factory Reset button


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