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The Mighty Story

We love Spotify music but hate lugging our smartphones around during runs, hikes, trips to the gym, and daily commutes. We were huge fans of the iPod Shuffle and MP3 players of old, but with the rise of smartphones streaming music is now imprisoned in the phone. After one of Mighty’s founders cracked yet another screen during a run, we decided that there must be a better way and sought out to build a portable Spotify music player.

Mighty is a simpler way to listen to your Spotify music on-the-go, without a phone, screen, or Internet connection. We created Mighty with the mindset of simplicity, retro vibes, and features for today’s streaming music user. Enjoy life's adventures without worrying about fragile phones, data overages, and battery drain.

Mighty was founded in Venice Beach in early 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs and designers who think that life is simply better when the phone is off.

The Mighty Team

Anthony Mendelson


Rich Wu


Nick Harvey


Mark Gullickson

Product Design

Jonathan Chang


Anthony Pu


Daniel Gloyd

User Experience

Lachelle Trout


Charlie Prutting

Community Manager

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