“A lime green one trick pony-and that's a GOOD thing!”

Mighty Community, 

We recently received the above review on Amazon. It may not seem like a landmark review, but it nailed a primary tenant that drives everything we do at Mighty - simplicity.  

When we started Mighty 4 years ago, we had the goal of intentionally keeping our products simple. While other consumer electronic devices layer in functionalities and connections, we remain focused on our goal - to enable users to enjoy their streaming music and podcasts offline without a phone, screen, or connection.

Over the years we regularly get suggestions about adding things like GPS, heart rate monitor, step counter, and a screen. While those may be useful functionalities, they can be found in smart watches and other highly connected devices. Mighty is designed to help you break free from connections, unplug from the chaos, and enjoy your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists and podcasts without distractions.


Intentional or not, our screens are a trap. Our screens suck us in, turning a quick check of work email into a social media tour and newsfeed debrief. It takes an incredible amount of discipline to avoid getting sucked into the distractions when using a smart phone or watch. But if you create intentional time without a screen, you can form screen-free habits and ultimately find a happy balance in the amount of time you or your family members spend on a screen.

Listening to music is powerful. Music can transform our mood, give us energy, or help calm us down. Sometimes we listen for the motivation to workout, sometimes we listen to unwind after a stressful day. Music helps us break free and transports us. More than ever, we need music in our lives. When you combine music with your screen-free time, you can get a powerful release that will leave you feeling recharged and inspired.

Staying informed is critical, but it’s easy to get inundated with dark and unhelpful news during a pandemic. If you find yourself getting bogged down by COVID updates, refreshing world maps and charts, or mindlessly scrolling through your social feed - you may need to free yourself from your phone. It’s something that is easier said than done but with most things that fall into that bucket, there are tools that can help you. Mighty is one of them. Create a playlist that boosts your mood, load it up on your Mighty and walk away from your phone. Your Mighty can join you for the work day or keep you going on a run. Break free!