Mighty Community, 

Mighty Audio is part of a growing movement in the tech space to create simple products that encourage users to break away from deeply connected technology. We’re calling it Calm Tech.

The idea is that our smartphones and tablets have become overly connected. Instead of being tools that help us become more efficient, creative, and free to explore hobbies, they have trapped us in a state of endless scrolling and clicking.

Analyzing every movement and interaction, our smart devices and social networks have perhaps unknowingly outsmarted themselves. What started out as helpful tools, have turned into distractions. The tides are starting to shift as more people are creating intentional time away from their smart devices. 

Mighty takes your Spotify and Amazon Music playlist and podcasts away from your smart devices, allowing you to tap into the power of music without the distractions and the deep behind the scenes connections. We are excited and inspired to see the calm tech community grow.


In 2020 Netflix released a docu-drama called The Social Dilemma. If you’re trying to break screentime habits, you’ve likely heard about it and probably watched it. The film gets right at the root of the issue we are trying to solve with Mighty - tech has become too connected. We want our music without the distractions, connections, and noise that comes with smart devices. Users should control the device and app - not the other way around. 


Tech companies often go toe to toe to create better products and win market share. Recently, two of the worlds biggest tech companies duked it out over the way user data could be shared. In short, Apple is pushing an update that will require their users to opt in to sharing their user behavior. This change is the start of a large fracture between major tech companies who stand on different sides of the connection spectrum. Only time will tell on how the battle will shake out but in the meantime, users have been forced to think about what’s happening behind the scenes on the apps and devices we engage with daily. 


We’re tech nerds, expats from Google, Samsung, Western Digital - we love tech. But we believe it should enhance our lives vs distract from it. The amount of tech and connection in your life is a personal choice. Everyone has a different opinion about where the correct balance lies. Your tech crazed uncle may want to control the lights and hot water temp at his vacation house from across the world while your friend from college is totally off grid. The choice is personal and comes down to each individual. 


Mighty Audio was born from the personal desire to break free from deeply connected devices but maintain access to your streaming music library. The simple idea has turned into a multi year passion project. Seeing the movement build and reading reviews like the recent ones below makes it all worthwhile.  

It's funny how in a world where we have become "over-connected", it now feels like a luxury to disconnect. That's how I feel about having my mighty. It feels like a luxury to be able to turn on some tunes, and not have any worry or anxiety at all about a notification popping up or something interrupting what I'm doing. There's no worry or concern about it because there is none of that available. It's so simple- which is what makes it so great. Thank you for this product, I've been looking for something like this for awhile, so glad I finally found it! Thanks a mighty lot, Mighty!
-Katherine (Belgrade, US)

I love this easy-to-use device that my students at school can use when they're hoping to calm down. It's not distracting and it provides sounds and music that help kids practice calming mechanisms! Thank you, mighty for creating this product that is truly helping so many people get their brains back on track.
-Sarah (Grand Rapids, US)

Great device for my young daughter. Simple to use, easy to control content, NO SCREEN TIME!!
-GAHs (Anchorage, US)

At Mighty, we are focused on giving you access to your Spotify and Amazon music wherever you’re at. There’s no screen, no sharing of your info, no data opt-in, no looking at what kind of music you’re listening to... just you and your music. Simple is Mighty.

Thank you for being part of our community,

Anthony Mendelson
Mighty Audio Founder