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Mighty Vibe
Caitlin G. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great for kids!

I purchased a Mighty for my daughter so she did not always have a sceen to look at when listening to music. It is very easy for her to use and small enough that she can pop it in her pocket!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Silverdale, US)
Awesome but could be better

Its is great but I use it very infrequently and it always say I need to update my playlists even though its say when you buy its it automatically updates but its doesnt. When it is updated it works perfectly and the audio quality is amazing. Highly recommend!

Mighty Vibe

I bought the Mighty for my 9 year old's birthday because I wanted to encourage her to listen to the music she likes WITHOUT a distracting screen. No screen means she has hands and eyes free for all sorts of fun stuff, making art, riding scooters, climbing trees. It is important that as she embarks into tween-age she get something with enough 'cool' factor that will last and, most importantly, grow with her. Listening into music isn't going out of fashion anytime this century! Which brings me to why the Mighty is the best choice. It streams Spotify so there's no need to spend a fortune downloading tracks individually only for them to be out of favour in a few months. I remember what it was like to be a teenager and agonising for hours over the latest tracks! Thank goodness download speeds are vastly improved and the Mighty holds a thousand songs. The ability to download her playlist to the Mighty means I can listen to my music at the same time, too - no more arguments about the music choice. So far the connectivity to Bluetooth and to the app has been painless, as has downloading the playlist. The Mighty is loved in my household already, and I have no doubt we will get a huge amount of use and love from it!

Mighty Vibe
Darby F. (Berwick, US)
Met my needs perfectly!

I recently purchased a Mooshu Red Mighty Vibe and I could not be more satisfied with the product. I use it to play music or podcasts while I do my easy runs and sometimes even tempos. This means I could sometimes use my Mighty up to 7 days a week. I use it with Airpod Pros and Spotify. The battery life lasts plenty long enough for my longest runs of around 10 miles. It is easy to switch between playlists and it has ample storage. I hardly notice it clipped to my shorts while I run and have no connection issues. It has withstood all rain and excessive sweat I have exposed it to thus far. Setting it up and syncing music and podcasts is straightforward and surprisingly quick. It does have to be charged pretty often but charging it is no big deal. My biggest complaint is that the charging cable it comes with is very short. It is easy to replace but it would be nice if they sent a normal sized charging cable originally. All in all I am 100% sold on Mighty products and I recommend any runners make this purchase if you want entertainment but don't want to carry around or strap on a huge phone.

Mighty Vibe
Mike M. (Canadensis, US)
Worth every penny…

Goodbye SiriusXM with your expensive and repetitive channels! This little jewel lets me download my Amazon Prime Music playlists, up to 1000 songs with 5 hours playback. Also works with a Spotify Premium account. It works flawlessly in both of my vehicles and all of my Bluetooth/wired accessories. Well worth the price!

Mighty Vibe
Elijah D. (Springfield, US)
Works Great!

My mighty vibe works great.

Mighty Vibe
Renato O. (Belo Horizonte, BR)
Amazing! Just what I was looking for!

I recently started to exercise in a neighborhood park and I was not willing to take my phone with me to hear some music. After a few days exercising, it just hit me: "It would be awesome if we have some device like that old mp3 players, but that we could connect to our music streamer services. And then BOOM! Just found out about Mighty Vibe, a device that allows you to connect to your Spotify or Amazon Music accounts, does not need internet to play the musics, and lets you connect your Bluetooth earphones (besides the P2 regular earphones). I did not hesitate in acquiring one for myself and I am not regretting it at all! I spread the word whenever I can! Even did a free advertisement to my Brazilian followers, since we lack such advertise in here. Problem solved!

Mighty Vibe
Nancy L. (Brevard, US)
Great replacement for iPod, five stars!

I love the Mighty, similar interface to iPod. I’m not adept at a lot of tech stuff, but the YouTube video by Mighty made setup so easy. I made a playlist and synced it easily through the Mighty app. I use wired headphones. I wear it while exercising.
It sounds good, seems durable, and is easy to use and maintain. Thanks you Team Mighty!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Christchurch, NZ)
hard to conect bluetooth in a while

Mighty is a really good music system but connecting a BlueTooth accessory is hard because if you don't use mighty for a while it disconnects and logs you out it is really hard to listen to music when it is logged out but in other cases, I rated it 5 stars because it is awesome I just think you need to make it so you are always connected between mighty and your Bluetooth accessory

Mighty Vibe
Ben A. (Northampton, US)

I got this for my little brother to use at summer camp and he loved it! I tried it my self and the sound quality was impressive, overall 10/10 would recommend.

Mighty Vibe
I f.m.a.s.p.i.a.a.b.f.a.a.c. (Guayaquil, EC)
My experience

In my opinion mighty is an amazing project in order to hear what you like From Spotify or amazon music .

Mighty Vibe
Laura S. (Delta, CA)
Love it.

I received it for my birthday. Love it Simple & very easy to use. Motivates me to get outdoors & walk.

Mighty Vibe
Xiomara O. (New York, US)
Perfect little music powerhouse

This miniature music player is ultra-portable and easy to connect to bluetooth device and take along for a run or hanging out at the beach.

Mighty Vibe
Lori R. (Kelowna, CA)
Love it!

Love my waterproof mighty. Had a shipping glitch but customer service was quick to get back to me and rectify it. Easy to set up. Can’t wait to go for my swims now.

Mighty Vibe
Lawrence U. (Baltimore, US)
I love it!

Great device to feel mobil again. Not locked to carrying phone and worrying about signal and battery power. 5 mile walk this morning listening to my starred playlist with no issues. I love it.

Mighty Vibe
Kristin R. (Sag Harbor, US)
Love it!!

The Mighty is amazing! I love being able to swim laps with my music. Makes all the difference! Everyone go buy yourself a Might!

Mighty Vibe
Fernanda D. (Porto Alegre, BR)
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Mighty Vibe
Paul L. (Brisbane, AU)

I wanted a music player for exercising so I didn't have to carry my phone. It's compact and lightweight, I barely notice it clipped on my collar. The clip holds it in place well while running and cycling. The only downfall is that you need to disconnect your bluetooth devices from your phone before it will sync with your mighty vibe, not that big of a deal though.

Mighty Vibe
Luke (Sydney, AU)
Great product!

The Might Music Player is an awesome little gadget that kids will love listening and streaming music to. We found it easy to set up.

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Denver, US)
Great product, Poor clip orientation in relation to audio jack

I love the Mighty. It's a powerhouse for listening to my Spotify playlists while working out and not having to use my phone. And I like that I don't have to use bluetooth and I can just plug in my preferred earbuds. My only issue is how the clip is orientated in relation to the audio jack. Like most, I'm sure, I clip the mighty to the waste band on my workout shorts/pants. This causes a problem when my headphone plug is straight up instead of a bent headphone plug. It would be great if the audio jack was on either side of the clip (90º or 270º) instead of on the opposite side (180º). This way when I run or I'm doing crunches or other activities that require bending over, the unit isn't pushed off my waste band. with my abdomen in the way. With this, my enhancement request is for Mighty to either (1) make an adapter to change the orientation of the plug for current units (2) change the orientation of the plug in new units to be on the side (like the old iPod shuffle with just physical buttons) or (3-preferred) change the clip on new units to be a swivel-click system so that the user can decide how they want the orientation of the clip on the unit to attach to their clothing articles. Many thanks for all you do! Can't wait for an increase in capacity size and battery too!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Brooklyn, US)
love itttt

this is amazing

Mighty Vibe
Jarrod a. (Brisbane, AU)
Love it!

I got the mighty for my son, he is 8 and isn't ready for his own phone but he loves listening to music.

It's so simple to use and he gets to choose what songs he wants. The best part is that he doesn't need internet after the songs are loaded on.

Mighty Vibe
Jeff S. (Denver, US)
easy and intuitive

Bought another player that was impossible to work. Just sync'ed this with my phone no problem and can listen to all my Amazon music

Mighty Vibe
Andrew V. (Austin, US)
No more phone bouncing on my arm!

This thing was super simple to set up. I followed the instructions(wait for the green light to blink) and had 10 of my premium Spotify playlists on there. Connected to my Bluetooth headphones and went for a run. Awesome

Mighty Vibe
João M. (São José dos Campos, BR)
Great buy

I'm really happy with this, it's just what I wanted. No phone, no screens, just a tiny little thing that plays music from my Spotify. So far, the battery hasn't been an issue for me. Apparently, it turns itself off when not in use, which is very helpful, and it doesn't seem to be too unlike my phone in terms of the time it takes before it needs another charge.

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