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Mighty Vibe
Nice music device

Quite uncomplicated setup and sync to Amazon music. Looking forward to a future version with extended battery life - important for those ultra running events, fighting off inner demons, when music becomes as important as hydration and fuel.

Nice player

Easy to connect (spotify). I used it for running and gym. No more phonemusic at partys. Nice and small

Tis only mighty

Brilliant to synch with spotify. Excellent for family members too young to have phone but who can still use the mighty to enjoy spotify

Great little music box

Easy to use, great idea, cant believe there isnt more about. Cant believe how small it is. Its perfect for when your out on a run or down the gym, not having to take your massive phone. Cant believe it has Bluetooth either, so you can connect your Bluetooth earphones, no cables, perfect!!!! Great product!!!!


This is just what I've been looking for. Just started my weight loss journey the mighty vibe is great. It was a bit tricky getting started but once you get use to the buttons and the mighty app it's easy. I usually add a couple songs to my main playlists everyday so after a couple of days I hook up the mighty to the app and refresh it and all the songs are added to the vibe. It's simple and easy. And great when you're outdoors and don't want to risk having any phone accidents.


It's small and easy to conceal which is great. But it can be complicated to set up and it's comes with some disadvantages like having to disconnect accessory from phone to then connect to the mighty. But overall, it sounds great when connected, and I don't even notice its there when running.

Pretty useful

It's just what i expected, small, light, fast and always there when i'm out.

Convenient, but lacks quality to make it excellent

Switched to Mighty from my old iPod shuffle
+ Really convenient to sync Spotify to your device, versus workarounds you had to do with a shuffle
- Bigger than a shuffle
- Buttons less obvious than a shuffle, especially if you're using gloves
- Sound quality not as good
- Takes longer to charge
- Battery doesn't last as long

Exactly what I needed

Both my boys received a mighty for Christmas. So far, so good. It does exactly what I needed it to do. It keeps them both off the phone / reduces their screen time while still listening to music. Now my daughter is begging for one too.

Great gift

I got this for my daughter for her 6th birthday, and I love being able to put her favourite Spotify playlists on it. The app can be a bit glitchy sometimes though.

Perfect little player

Was searching for an autonomous Spotify player, as I switched over from MP3 usage years ago... Here you go. Battery could work longer, but even for this price you'll get exactly what you want:
All your songs from spotify, offline, mobile, lightweight and kind of good quality as well.

Great product

I lost my phone so I bought this to listen to music and it is amazing! It always works and it's very light too!

easy to use

Easy to sync with my Amazon music and my bluetooth headphones. Long battery life.

A great little device

Where I work we aren't allowed to have any recordable media such as an MP3 player or iPod style device, BUT, the Mighty was recently approved.
I purchased one for myself and one for my wife and being able to just add and remove songs at will through our phones is the best, and buying a battery backup to charging during breaks or lunch allows full use through a full eight to ten hour work shift.
Great device, durable, easy to use, would happily buy another.

So far so good

Only had my mighty for a week or so. Doing it's job and was pleasantly surprised by the clip staying on my tracksuit top. Would be nice if you could make a watch like strap for it but so far so good

My mighty

All I can really say this is a excellent music player so small but so good bye bye phone to listen music from

Great for exercise & travel

I used to use a little SanDisk mp3 player for the gym, and when that became impossible to use with Spotify, I really missed it. I've been grudgingly using my phone for music, but if you're a woman over the age of 20, you'll know how difficult it is to find good workout clothes that have even a phone pocket. So I was thrilled to find the Mighty - as far as I know it's the only player that works with Spotify. It's super easy to set up, the battery lasts for days, and the sound is great. It's so much more comfortable to run, bike, or use a rowing machine with a tiny clip-on player than it was with my phone. I'm also looking forward to using on long flights when it's hard to find a place for your phone (I'm always afraid it will slide off my lap or tray table). Love it!

Easy and fun

Mighty is super simple to use, works perfectly and make my runnings even better!

So worth the money!

I use my mighty every day, it makes it so convenient to listen on the go without needing a smartphone. The setup is easy and straightforward. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys music on the go.

Battery life

Would not give the Mighty a good review as the battery life is horrible and too many problems when trying to connect with the app. It should be pretty simple but all too many times I had problems with it. The battery does not last in any cold weather and mine only lasted about 1.5 years and now needs replacing altogether.


Set the whole thing up, got to the point of syncing my Amazon Music playlist(s) to the device and the it just WOULD NOT SYNC. Customer service (via email) suggested a few things to try, which I did, but nothing worked. I ended up returning the Mighty. Too bad, I really wanted it to work. :(

Mighty Vibe
Bom produto!

O produto é muito bom, a configuração é relativamente facial .
Os comandos são simples e a navegação entre as playlusts é muito boa.
A única questão é que a conexão bluetooth fica instável após algumas horas, não sei se pela bateria ou pelo suor.
No geral estou gostando.

Mighty = Best thing since sliced bread!

I love running with music but hate taking my phone as it's not only bulky but it means you are contactable and therefore lose the "me" time exercise gives you. I used to buy lots of music before Spotify but found it both expensive and the music became monotonous. That's why I was so delighted to find the Mighty as it ticks every box and has been an utter revelation. It is so easy to set up and as it automatically syncs with your Spotify account, you never get bored listening to the same songs or podcasts. It also gives you better value for money from your streaming provider. Best of all Mighty is so small, you don't even notice it in your pocket and it works perfectly with my bluetooth headphones. If you like exercise dog walking, running, cycling etc and want to travel light, I can't recommend the Mighty highly enough. Definitely scores 10/10 with me 😃


Veramente facile da configurare e semplice da utilizzare.

Good option for no phones in locker room

A little putsy to set up but once you get everything synced, it seems to be pretty slick for my son to use to listen to music in the locker room pre-game (no phones allowed)!

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