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Great product

This is exactly what I was searching for! Great product and the size makes it perfect!


I have been using an ipod shuffle for years. I no longer use I Tunes so there was no way to update the shuffle with new music. I got a new pair of wireless headphones for Christmas and I decided to try out the Mighty Mini. It was super easy to set up. The app works great. I can add and delete music easily. I love being able to change up the playlists and the freedom the mini allows during my runs.

Nice but bluetooth issue

We didn’t manage to connect the headphones to the device.

Perfect for running

I needed a replacement for my shuffle. The mighty works great and easier to upload songs then the shuffle. I recommend!!

Happy daughter :)

Such a great solution to tweens wanting to listen to music without needing a phone ! And our daughter loves the option to exercise with it - just a simple clip on to her clothes and off she goes. The Mighty has just been fabulous for her. To be honest I have started borrowing it too !


I really like the ease whereby you can add or delete songs. The small size and clip make super easy to use when working out or away from wifi or a cell phone. So far I love it.

Borrowing my Roommates Mighty!

So I don't actually own one myself but my roommate who is a long time mighty user, lent me his old one. I definitely like the concept since i'm a heavy Spotify user. However, I've been using my Garmin watch since it can do the same thing at the cost of the battery life. Anyway, this Mighty is easy to setup. I've used it probably 3 times total and the battery has gone down to 18% which is not bad but I'm sure that if i had a brand new one, it probably would have a better battery life. I do appreciate the fact that i have the option to use either wired or wireless headphones. Who knows, i might buy my own Mighty soon.


I’m very well impressed and satisgoed with my Mighty... easy to use, great sound quality and strong bluetooth connection.

Definetely a great buy!!!

Awesome Music Player

I love my mighty. It is great especially for on the go use like running. I use it kto run all the time. The size and the clip make it super convenient to carry. The only reason it does not get five stars is sometimes it doesn't connect to my bluetooth headphones on the first try. Overall it is awesome!


Great little gadget. The slowness to start is a little frustrating but the device is great.

Good purchase.

So far, so good. Always a bit fiddly to connect the bluetooth headphones though. Overall, it's a great idea - small, compact, lightweight. Best of all - it enables young children to listen to their playlists without needing their parent's phone.

Mighty Music

I bought this device specifically because it works with Spotify. Very easy to setup and sync music from Spotify. I mainly use it while running with blue tooth ear buds, but will also use it in a boat in the summer and in an older truck that has a audio plug in aftermarket cd player. I am still working out best sequence for connecting to Bluetooth ear buds. Always connects, but seems best to have Mighty on first, then turning on the ear buds, possibly quicker connection.


Easy to use and perfect for listening the best spotify music!

Everything is fine.

I only can say it works.
Sound is good and loud enough.
5 Stars.

Supporting Dementia Needs With Mighty

My husband has Frontotemporal Dementia (Behavioural Variant, diagnosed at 57yrs) and was taken to hospital at Christmas. I cannot visit or give him internet capable devices. I used to take him out and do a 1.5hr Spotify 1980s and 1990s disco quiz every day. I bought the Mighty so he can still listen to the music and hopefully remember pieces of our journeys together. It is simple to operate for him, really easy for me to set up and importantly can take wired, jack headphones as he would not be able to manage wireless ones if the connection failed. It also has a great little clip so that it can secure to his clothing which makes sure he does not lose it/put it down and walk away from it. I was really pleased when I handed it over to the ward nurse who said he had seen it on the internet and said it was amazing. Thank you so much.


I got my mighty for christmas and i cant put it down! I always have it on me so I can listen to my music whenever I want

What a refreshingly great device

After owning many ipod versions to play music with during long outdoor trial runs, I starting searching for something that could utilise mu spotify subscription. I came across the website and found the Mighty Vibe, which claimed to do just that. After umming and aarhhing about it, I did not purchase one, but on my last birthday, My wife did! And what a treat it turned out to be. Great quality music playback, easy to upload existing spotify playlists and podcasts and links with wireless headphones, as well as wired ones. The battery life is great and all-in-all, super happy with everything about it! The downside is.....not found one yet!

5* all round

Small, compact but mighty in content. For a small light weight player it ticks all the boxes. Wouldn't be without it


We were looking for a solution for our son to use without a phone/device. This has been PERFECT! He is 13 and synced his blue tooth headphones, we downloaded his custom playlists (SO MUCH STORAGE!!!) and away he went. Solved so many issues in our home!! Thanks Mighty!!

A Game Changer

This device is a game-changer. I regularly run and I competitively rock climb and keeping my phone on or near my person has been a problem. Enter Mighty Vibe. Easy to connect, easy to operate MP3 player changes the game for listening to music while being active. My only gripe is that it seems to take ages to add music but that is really small potatoes. This device is great as long as you have patience.

‘Mighty’ Great!

Simple to set up and works really well. Easily connects by Bluetooth to headphones or earphones. Perfectly secure when clipped to waistband, but small enough to easily fit in front slit pocket of leggings. I can run with my Spotify music playlists now, love it !

Works great for what I need

I use this primarily for use while skateboarding. Comes in handy sonim not landing on my phone anymore which I used for spotify previously. Connection to my wireless headphones needs to be sort of close but I dont have issues when it's in the tiny jeans pocket. Overall working great so far after position tweaks

My 10 year old loves this!!

Very easy to set up and use - I was able to download her playlist from Spotify and she is able to operate it with no problem.

Mighty Vibe
Great device!

So happy with our Mighty's!! I ordered three for Christmas. We are in the stage where I want the kids to have music, but we aren't ready for phones yet. The Mighty has been a great solution. We use them with Spotify and have had no trouble!!
I'm looking forward to getting one myself so I can listen to my music uninterrupted by text messages and email notifications!
Also, I found customer service to be prompt and attentive in their response. They really support you getting started and sent a few helpful emails with features you may not have discovered.

Brilliant Device

Really pleased with this excellent device. Easy to set up and use. Sound quality excellent. Cannot ask for anything else

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