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Perfect for breaking away

Threw away my cell phone recently as I felt as though it was dominating my life. I've been wanting to disconnect for a while now, but my love for music has always prevented me. The mighty vibe offered the perfect solution - connection to my spotify account and bluetooth headphones with a light/portable device that still allows me to stay disconnected from all the apps, notifications, location tracking, etc. I particularly love the old school ipod-nano like design of not including a screen. Setting up the device was simple enough, although it is a bit ironic and self-defeating to require a phone to set up a device intended to let you break away from your phone. In the future I hope this is achievable through a laptop. Bluetooth connection was a bit spotty as first until I worked out the correct protocol: turn on device, wait 20-30 seconds, open airpods case, take out headphones and keep case open until you hear both the airpod connection sound as well as the Vibe connection sound then close case and play music. It seems like there is a strange bug that sometimes occur, where 5-15s into playing music the connection drops and the whole process must be started over again (turn off device, wait 20-30s, repeat startup). This is only on occasion though, otherwise after 5-15s of starting to play music, the current song might skip a beat but then connection continues and all is well. While these specifics are a bit annoying, overall I am thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of the device and the ability to continue listening to all my spotify music/playlists without a phone.

Solid Device

Easy to load the Playlists. Easy to connect my Bluetooth headphones. Once setup it works seamlessly. Headphones reconnect automagically every time. Love it all around.

Mighty Vibe
A Cyclist's Best Friend

The best device for improving mood that encourages better performance on long bike rides. Now I can delegate battery consumption from my phone. Easily pairs with my bluetooth bone-conduction earphones.

Mighty Vibe

The mighty is excellent! Perfect for listening to spotify without using your phone! & sound quality is great

Perfect for running

I always run with music from Spotify, but once my training took me to runs over an hour, an arm-band phone holder caused a lot of discomfort. Mighty was the best possible solution. I love how it easily clips to my shorts and I don't even feel it there. The app makes setup and managing playlists easy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

the mighty is so great, I use it all the time to listen to music that I do not have

Mighty Vibe
Excellent device!!!

Incredibly easy to pair and handle. It is the best invention to hear music.y

Little but Mighty

Got my mighty two weeks ago and it's just what I was looking for. I listen to Spotify for pretty much all my music, but was getting tired of carrying my phone on walks and bike rides. I downloaded 4 of my Spotify playlists, about 1000 songs, from the phone app to the Mighty player, paired it to my ear buds and it all worked perfectly. I also pair to my wireless speakers at home. I haven't yet tried wired earphones, but I find the music quality over Bluetooth to be quite good. Definitely happy with this purchase.


I was essential paid to write this review with the promise of a potential free Mighty. That said, it's pretty good device especially since there is no longer an ipod nano. Great for my runs, when i don't want to have my phone. Decently durable and easy enough to set up. I think I got mine like a year ago and it's still ticking. You need spotify or amazon won't work with Imusic.

Just what I was looking for!

After switching to Bluetooth earbuds for running, I could no longer use my trusty iPod Nano, so I ended up having to lug my phone on my runs if I wanted to listen to music. I am so glad I found the Mighty device, because it makes running so much more enjoyable with not having to carry my phone anymore. As others have said, getting my earbuds to sync to the Mighty can be a little tricky sometimes, but overall this device is great. For reference, my earbuds aren't anything fancy, just some off-brand ones from Amazon. The Mighty super simple to use, the clip is strong enough where its not being jostled off my clothes as I run, and so far seems to hold its charge for a long time. I am so so grateful that this device exists, because it's exactly what I needed!

So cute and functional!

I love my Mighty! It is so cute, well sized, and smart. The only things that could use a teeny bit of tweaking are the fact that it unsynces after 30 days (but makes total sense why that happens) and the initial software update got like frozen for a while but otherwise, perfect!

So Awesome ! So easy to Use !

After trying another MP3 player and getting no where. Someone made a recommendation to look into buying the Mighty Brand. Wow ! So happy with the ease of setting up this most wonderful invention. Thank you cannot begin to express how I feel about the Mighty. Everyone should own one ! The experience will be so amazing and like no other. Amazing yet simple, see for yourself and be the next owner of a Mighty MP3 Player. Best purchase I ever made !

Solid for many years!

I got a Mighty several years ago now and have never looked back. Came here looking to buy one for my niece. SO much easier for runs and no other distractions. It has held up over time and battery life about the same as when I originally got it, even with regular use. My only gripe is that the battery doesn't last longer, but it takes no time to charge so even if you forget you can hook it up for 30 minutes and that usually does it!

Awesome, though not perfect

It's amazing as it does something no other device can, and it does it quite well. Unfortunately, the wired sound quality (not using Bluetooth) is mediocre at best. Still, I would give it 4.5 stars.

So glad this exists

When my last iPod Shuffle died on me, I thought I'd had have to start running with my phone (which I hate). I was so excited to discover Mighty, especially because I'm mainly a Spotify user anyway. And I love how easy it is to switch out playlists and podcast episodes with the app!

Great for the Workouts

My Mighty was given to me as a Christmas gift. I was used to an Ipod and was hesitant to switch to a new method of streaming my music while running. Now that I have the Mighty set up through Amazon Prime, I have increased the number of songs that I have on my playlist. Downloading music is so much simpler. I am loving the Mighty and I highly recommend to anyone that wants to work out without having to worry about connection cords or having to walk around holding their smartphone to steam their music. This is definitely the way to go!

I Love this!

Mountain biking, cycling, skiing, running, and so many more things you can do with your Mighty. I got my Mighty for my birthday and have fallen in love ever since. I love the size and the software. It also is very burable. It can fit int any pockets.

I love my Mighty!

Perfect workout partner

This little guy is perfect. Compact, light weight, and stays clipped in place. Whether you’re working out or going for a jog you forget it’s even there. I was able to download all of my Spotify music mixes. It was very simple to do and an easy set up. I love it!

Incrdible sound

I received a Mighty as a gift. I cannot believe how easy it is to use. The sound is much better tahn I expected, and it was very easy to set up and download all my spotify play lists. It took about 30 minutes for everything to download and be ready to use.

Love it!

It is SO freeing to be able to run and and climb without my phone!
I noticed the audio sometimes clips every now and then, but not often enough to be annoying.

The great Mighty

Love this small device
I use it every day. It was easy to set up and love how you can download your Spotify play lists as it states. Way better than having your phone in your pocket when you only want to listen to your favourite music without interruptions.


It wasn't so easy for me, but I guess being 50 maybe why

Highly recommended

Really happy with this product. Zero issues with bluetooth connectivity. Once you set up a new device in the app, it connects easily and effortlessly to the Vibe after about 30 seconds. Battery life and song load times are totally reasonable. Love using this at the gym!

As good as advertised!

Bought this for my teenage son who was always on his tablet just to listen to his music. Wanted to get him something to limit his screen time but still have access to music.
App set up is easy to use
Plays music will

Battery life is shorter then anticipated but still pretty good

Awesome player

We use it in our lobby to play Amazon Music and send the sound to a little bluetooth receiver. Works awesome! Non-stop lobby tunes.

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