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Mighty Vibe
Andrew.s (Colchester, US)
Great product!

I would really recommend this product to all who are looking for a great MP3 player or just something to listen to music. I haven't used electronics for music at all when I got this product! This product gives you:
1.Great audio quality
2.Small and portable design
3.Bluetooth connection for Bluetooth earbuds/headphones.
4.Ability to download around 1,000 songs!
I don't have any complaints so far, and I would recommend this to all!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Ottawa, CA)

I love my mighty, it is soooo awsome and everyone should have one!!!😆

Mighty Vibe
DR (Pleasant Grove, US)
Great screen-free music solution for my kid

We've had this for a month. We're pretty strict about internet access at our house, so this is a perfect way to let my 13-year-old listen to the same music as her friends (well, some of it) without the screen access. I love that I can approve whatever she puts on her playlists. She can listen whenever she wants without having to ask for device permission, there's no surprise garbage worming its way onto her device, and if she wants some new music, we can just sit down and add some new songs to her playlists. We already paid for Amazon Prime, and the basic Prime music has had everything we've wanted so far.

-No screen
-No wifi
-Plenty of storage
-Works as advertised

-Small and easy to lose (life lessons about organization are being learned there, so maybe this a pro?)
-Syncing is a little slow and can be clunky, but so far it hasn't failed

Anyway, this has really met our current needs so I'm thrilled with it.

Mighty Vibe
Erika M. (Trabuco Canyon, US)

I was looking for something my 8year old daughter could use to play music that I curated on Amazon for her. I didn't want to have a screen or make it too complex. This is perfect! It was easy to set up and easy for her to use on her own.

I'm considering getting one for myself for workouts since this is amazingly distraction free! Highly recommend!

Mighty Vibe
Andrew (Versailles, US)
Best Compact Music Player.

Such a great device, unlike my phone I don't have to look at my screen to switch songs. The Bluetooth feature is useful while running, biking, and even while you drive. Mighty has amazing customer service, they say they can get back to you in 2-3 business days but they got back to me in 1. This is so easy to set up it's unbelievable unlike many other handheld music players that take as little as 32 minutes the mighty takes only 14 minutes! In my everyday life I always find a way to incorporate it in some way like while I do my dishes it so easy to turn on connect my Bluetooth headphones and just get started. All in all this is the best mobile, compact, and handheld device I've ever used in my life thank you Mighty for making such a great product.

Mighty Vibe
Dan G. (Perth, AU)
Great Gift for our Tween

We bought this for our tween as an alternative to getting her a phone. Her main reason for wanting a phone, after chatting, was for portable music. This device was perfect for her and our needs, as she isn’t quite ready for the phone just yet.

This device is easy to use and setup. Both she and I are very impressed with it!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Sydney, AU)

This is such a great device! It’s great for listening to music without using a screen. It is incredibly easy to use and if you have any trouble just email the “might support” team and they will get back extremely quickly and help sort out your issue with simple step by step instructions that are easy to follow along with.
Overall I absolutely love this device: it gives me a break from screens while still being able to listen to music whenever (it’s especially great for sport as you can clip it onto your clothing with the clip located on the back and it is secure!) The customer service is amazing, helpful and polite. And you can connect it to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, ear buds, AirPods +
Buy this product and you won’t regret!!!!

Mighty Vibe
E.N.F. (Philadelphia, US)

No screen, all the music. And podcasts. And more. Excellent!

Mighty Vibe
AnnaMay (Fort Lauderdale, US)
My Travel companion

Mighty is a great product with a great purpose! a fantastic little travel sized companion so that I can listen to my favorite tunes wherever I am! also fully customizable so that you can customize and manage your own playlists, it also has a clip on the back so that it is secure no matter what your doing! running, walking, biking, or even just sitting in your house, Mighty can be used for you!

Mighty Vibe
Melissa L. (Queens, US)

I purchased Mighty because I like to sit in the sauna at the gym for 15-20 minutes and my iPhone kept getting overheated also I don’t like to use my phone when working out because it becomes a distraction. I love that Mighty syncs with Spotify which it’s perfect for me. Honestly it’s a great investment for your work out routine, definitely give it a try!

Mighty Vibe
Bob (Regina, CA)
Great Product!

I bought the Mighty Vibe and it is awesome. Light, compact and easy to use and has Spotify. So easy to clip on your clothes when you use it to exercise.

Mighty Vibe
Brian S. (Christchurch, NZ)
Best gift ever!

I bought this for my daughters 10th Birthday. She absolutely loves it and now has a great way to listen to her favourite Beatles and Janis Joplin playlists without the distraction of a screen or having to change the records out on my expensive turntable! So good I might have to get one for myself and definitely for my son's next birthday.

Mighty Vibe
Sonja W. (Townsville, AU)
Awesome For Mine Workers!

This device has become a life saver! I'm able to listen to all my SPOTIFY through my truck stereo via AUX cord to alleviate the temptation to bring phone onto site (which is not allowed) & I'm no good with creating a USB stick. Cheers MIGHTY!!

Mighty Vibe
teenage b. (Boise, US)

I got my Mighty two years ago and this thing is awesome! I would definitely recommend to buy one of these if you love listening to music and want something small and easy to pack around.

Mighty Vibe
Tashanna M. (Hill City, US)
Exactly what we were looking for.

The mighty vibe mp3 player was purchased for our 6 year old daughter. We love that there is no screen and it provides a way for her to listen to the music she enjoys anytime. I wanted to find something for her that would not add extra work for me and this has been perfect. I created a playlist on Spotify for her and every so often I sync it with the mighty. This has been so easy for this busy momma. We have not had any issues at all and found the device to be simple to set up and use. My only concern is with the small size my 6 yr old might lose it, but that's on her.

Mighty Vibe
Customer (Clifton Park, US)

These mighty pods are awesome! So simple to set up. Only issue I had was getting into Bluetooth mode to pair! We have 2 I’ll have to get more for my daughters! They are awesome. Kids LOVE them easy to control!

Mighty Vibe
Anonymous (Lakewood, US)
Offline distraction free

I love the Mighty that I can have all my Spotify playlists away from the computer without needing to be connected to a network. the screen-less function also makes it less distracting and I can actually listen to my music for real and wherever and whenever I want.

Startup time and bluetooth connecting is slow and the battery runs out in less time than claimed, especially compared to the nearly 2 hour charge time. I did also notice that any connection, wired or bluetooth has a constant slight fuzzy white noise which is annoying when playing songs that don't drown it out.

Overall, Mighty is great and has been better for me than worse, but it can't get a perfect rate because there's obvious need for improvement.

Mighty Vibe
Summer C. (Rock Hill, US)
Not bad

A little learning curve to get Spotify working the way we wanted to on it, but it handled a fast download speed pretty well and we have no complaints. It's kind of a cute little bugger.

Mighty Vibe
kiki (Victoria, CA)

Wanted to recreate my youth enjoying music for my kids but didn’t like the idea of something that looks like a phone. Was worried as I am low tech but turns out they were simple enough to set up. Kids love them and my 5 year old wants one for himself. Really happy with this purchase.

Mighty Vibe
A. (Huntington Beach, US)

Amazing! It's so great how you don't need Wi-Fi to play music, which means I can bring it everywhere I go! It can play for over 5 hours without a recharge! You basically just need to set up the app on your device and link your Spotify or Amazon Music account and get outdoors!

Mighty Vibe
Michael Q. (Belleview, US)

A great little device that lets you take your music with you in a small package. Great for outdoor and indoor activities where a wireless connection isn't strong or readily available. The voice prompts are clear and easy to understand and the volume is louder than most phone I've used playing the same media. I really like the Spotify and Amazon Music playlist sync that lets me take my music wherever I want to go without a wireless connection.

Mighty Vibe
Faith A.L. (St Louis, US)

Exactly as described. A little hard for me to remember all the features, but will be worth it!

Mighty Vibe
Isabelle L. (Montreal, CA)
My son loves his Mighty!

We are so happy with this product!
Our 10 years old son loves his new Mighty!
Very easy to use and the fact that we can download songs from our Spotify account on his Mighty is simply perfect. The only product that doesn’t have a screen on the market allowing this synchronization with streaming music.
We wanted access to music on a Walkman for him but without a device that would add screen time.
What a great gift!

Mighty Vibe
SSSFFF (Traverse City, US)
Its great!

I love my mighty a lot! I feel like its a great way to listen to music. The only thing about it thats not my favorite is that sometimes it breaks up but that might be my fault. Overall I love it and i recomend others to try!

Mighty Vibe
Sally (Allston, US)
Great for anything!!!

I LOVE my new mighty. It’s great because I can listen to anything I want whenever I feel like it, but unlike phones, I don’t have the distraction of a screen. Mighty is also great for running and biking, which makes the outdoors more enjoyable. Also, everything is organized in an easy to use app. Mighty is a fun way to get away from screens and get moving!

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