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Great for kids!

I bought one each for 2 of my younger children, ages 9 & 6. It was easy to set up the app on my phone and easy to sync to the Mighty devices. I couldn't figure out how to get 2 Mighty devices on my phone so I just used my husband's phone for the second. My kids both love their Mighty, it seems easy for them to navigate.

Just what we were looking for!

Wanted a music player of some sort for my 10 year old but didn’t want to deal with mp3s or other music to transfer to it. This is PERFECT!! Syncs easily, great with Bluetooth headphones, and fun style and colors. So glad I found this!!

Great for kids

Both of our kids love these. I love that they can have a device to listen to music that doesn't have anything but music! I can control what is downloaded and know that what they are listening to is safe.

Simple is good

I was struggling to find a player for my young daughter that did not entail me having to get her something with a screen, a camera, and the gauzy slip into smart phone brain mush dystopia. With Mighty we can make a personalized playlist for her on Spotify and boom she is off to the land of banging pre-teen beats! Head phones or a speaker and bam! All good. She loves it. Simple is good in these overly complex times.

Great for the kiddo!

This device works great for my son to listen to his own music without having to use our phone. Pairs easily and holds a ton of music.

Great music player

Purchased a Mighty for my technophobe husband who refuses to get a smartphone. Synched the new Mighty to my phone with no problem. Found my husband walking around the house singing along to tunes on his Mighty. What a terrific, easy to use device. Mighty rocks!


I have been very impresses with the mighty so far.. I have had it for 3 weeks now. I find it is so easy to load music and playlists from spotify.! I run hours with it and hardly know it is attached as it is so small. A great product for music on the go.

Love the Freedom!

I use my Mighty with AirPods while running. I needed something that could play my Spotify music, and replace my old ipod and wired earphones. The Mighty is very similar in function to the iPod (which I loved for its size) and the Mighty works great with the wireless AirPods. It's so nice to run with a small device clipped to my running belt and no wired earphones flapping about. Love it!

Great Gift for My Daughter

I bought the Mighty as a gift for my 11-year old daughter. We use Amazon music and I love the fact that she can download songs to her Mighty and go about her day. This is an innovative way to make the best use of Amazon's music service. The Mighty itself is small and easy to use. The app that controls what music gets downloaded to the Mighty is also very easy to use and we have had no problem updating her playlist. My daughter and I are very satisfied!

So glad to find a music player for streaming services!

We wanted to give my daughter something to listen to music with but without all the apps the ipod touch comes with. The regular ipods do not work with Spotify so my husband and I were so happy to find the Mighty Vibe! It's a little tricky to get to connect to the app and then sync it took us several tries and a couple of you tube videos but once we got there it was all good.

The only choice for kids music

Our kids love music and this is honestly the easiest, most user friendly way of granting them access to music without needing them to be connected to the internet.
It's the modern kids discman, and we as parents can control the music they listen to via an agreed playlist. Perfect.
And when connected to my wireless earbuds, it's so good for a run!

Staying paired/pairing

I love the mighty, but I wish there was a way to pair without a phone.

Cracking little gadget!

Since ditching my old iPod shuffle I've been desperate for a device that can play my Spotify playlists without the need to take my phone - and the Mighty Vibe is it!

Being only slightly bigger than the shuffle, it's super lightweight and very user friendly. Connects and reconnect automatically to my Bluetooth headphones every single time so there's no mucking around when it's time to pound the pavement or hit the gym phone-free.

Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys phone-free tunes!

Great for working out so far

Taken it to the gym a few times and it does what I need. Way better than carring a phone. Slight learning curve. One down fall is you cant update it with out an internet connection, does not update with just phone network.


Exatamente como descrito. Perfeito pra quem deseja fazer exercícios físicos ouvindo spotify mas sem levar o celular consigo

So far, So good

My daughter - a prolific dancer - was thrilled to find the Mighty under the Christmas tree. We got her some bluetooth headphones to pair with it, she downloaded her playlists onto it, and off she goes.

No longer mourning my iPod Shuffle

Soooo happy with my new Mighty Vibe (Christmas 2019 gift) for running. Mighty Vibe plus Bose sport earbuds (with wingtips to stay in my small ears) is the perfect for me. (Vibes’ port for earbuds is traditional, not Apple lightening style.) We have a family Spotify plan, which I wasn’t even using before now. Spotify makes it easy to add music to Vibe and it’s fun to hear what new tunes my fam has added to my running play list. And it’s ok to run in the rain with Vibe! I can squirt water on my head during a hot run and without having to worry about damaging my music device! I researched the Vibe about 6 months ago, but the “great idea, poor execution” reviews kept me from buying one. I’m happy to say that the execution issues have been resolved and the current Mighty Vibe is WONDERFUL!!! Leave phone behind. Truly! Love that I can skip or repeat songs and adjust volume while running by pressing buttons like old iPod Shuffle. Being able to download multiple playlists is an added bonus (distinct Race Day and Regular Run Day playlists, etc). I love the shuffle function within playlists too. I ordered the Vibe case. Love it. Just right size since I’m storing wired earbuds with my Vibe. Highly recommend the Mighty Vibe for runners!! Can finally move on from the demise of my final iPod Shuffle.


Small package packs a HUGE punch! I'm floored how good this thing is. The companion app is super easy to manage playlists, sound quality, Bluetooth, and wifi. So simple to use. This really fills the void by not having to drag your phone around all the time. I had trouble connecting Bluetooth and support got back to me very timely. Literally have nothing bad to say!

Quality product

The Mighty music player is a high quality music devise. There is a seamless integration between my Spotify account and the mighty when downloading and connecting playlists. The Bluetooth is a little iffy, when in my pocket the connection goes in an out. Overall is is a good product and would recommend.

My Mighty is fantastic! I like the easy Spotify connection and simple setup. I picked red and dig it! Battery life is about 5 hours, which is plenty. I highly recommend it!!!!!


I’ve been waiting for a way to leave my phone and use my Prime playlists. Perfect!

Better than expected

The Mighty is lighter and easier than expected. It's super easy to load music to it. I use it at work where Spotify is blocked and also when running. Seriously good purchase.

Other Apps

What I love about it is it allows me to play my music but still not lose the use of my phone with certain phone apps like Marco Polo, YouTube, Voice Recorder. Highly recommend!


The Mighty is awesome! I used to hate having to carry my phone running and at the gym. Now I just clip my Mighty on and go, no phone hassles and nobody interrupting me!

What I was looking for

Exactly what I wanted for my kids to play their music without a phone or internet access! Holds a lot of playlists. Happy with the purchase so far! Hoping it holds up to their daily use.

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