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Mighty Vibe

100% satisfied

Have the mighty vive (gen 2) for about 4-5 month and its do the job just as describe! Battery is good (bit better than ipod shuffle 3th gen), simple to use and good quality for music and podcast. Nice product!

Nice case

The case is very high quality and is large enough to carry the Mighty with my earbuds, 2500mha battery and the charger cable. Got one for the wife as well.

Love my mighty! Download my music and then leave my phone at home. Super compact!

Magnificent Mighty

The Mighty is fabulous. It is lightweight, easy to operate and can be clipped on a watch band to listen to while running. The instructions were easy to follow and I was able to sync songs on to it without much help from a 'young person'.

Took a couple tries, but works great!

The inital Might Vibe I received was unfortunately DOA. That said, the Mighty community folks helped to confirm the issue, and ship out a replacement. No issues with the new unit, and works as expected.

I’ve synced my playlists/podcasts, and it’s sounded great. Awesome to leave the phone behind for the gym!

The perfect solution

The Mighty has been working just as expected for me for the past few weeks. I am not allowed to have my phone with me at work but need music to get my best work done.
Spotify is my go to for music and the Mighty has enabled me to bring it with me into work. The ability to refresh the playlists automatically everyday is a neat feature that I find very useful, as well as the ability to put podcasts onto it.
The only downside about the podcasts is that you can't make a playlist of them on Spotify, so they are added individually to the Mighty meaning if you add a bunch you'll have to cycle through them all to get back to your playlists. However, there is a feature to delete the podcasts as soon as you complete them which alleviates that a bit.
The battery lasts just about the perfect length at around 5 hours or so. It gets me from clock in to clock out with a charging over lunchtime (when I read a book anyway instead of listen to music.)
I haven't had any issues with it at all and hope to use it for many years to come.

Great device.

This unit does what it says. I love the design and also the way the unit operate when you are running. The only thing I will add is a notification when your battery running low. Maybe with the led light and also voice commands when your battery is a 10%. I love I can leave my $800 phone ob the house for my morning run and just enjoying music and my morning podcast. I love it and is part of my routine 5 days a week. The clip is very firm and buttons are very well placed. Thanks mighty for making this.

Great Idea room for improvement

This device shouldnt even be necessary but because Apple is more concerned with their quarterly profits than their customer’s wants and needs then thank goodness for the Mighty Vibe. The product works very well and I am very happy with its functionality. I would say the battery life could obviously be improved. I would also say that the bluetooth connectivity could also be improved for some headsets. Other than that it does exactly what I need a modern running audio device to do. Be easy to use and set up and play music with quality playback.

When you make it work, this product is perfect!

At first, I hesitate to purchase due to the negative reviews, but didnt matter and ordered one. When it arrived, at first, the battery seamed to last about 30 minutes, I had trouble to pair with me bose soundsport free, then it only paired to the right earbud. I didnt gave up on them and factory reset them via the mighty app. It seems that did the trick, the battery now lasts about 5-6 hours, enough to last through my workouts. Still have issues with my bose buds but I managed a work around by connecting them to my phone and then switch them to the mighty. It works like a charm. The battery is good enough, the sound quality is awesome, the connection quality to my buds is perfect. This product, I dare to say is a must have for anyone who wishes to dicth the phone for the gym. It have its issues, like the pairing with my earbuds. Im so happy with my mighty vibe!

Mighty Vibe
Good thing

Battery could be better but a Nice full sound from such a Tiny machine!

Love My Mighty(s) - When They Work

I participated in the initial crowd funding for Mighty. Like everyone else, I had to wait an extra year to get my first Mighty. Plenty of issues with that one - ended up getting two replacements. The third Mighty worked well for a number of months, but then it completely died. Since my warranty was long since over, the only recourse I was given was to buy a new Mighty Vibe. They did offer to sell me one for $60 (although shortly thereafter they ran a special for $65). I was reluctant to buy another one, but after a month or so, I did. I used it twice and then it would not recharge. After a number of frustrating requests by Mighty for me to try troubleshooting, they have now agreed to send me a replacement unit. That's good; I'm hoping to have better luck with the new unit. When it works, it's great. When it doesn't (much too often), it's really frustrating. My recurring problems have been primarily with the charging function. But, bottom line, I'm giving it another go!

Love my mighty

It’s all I wanted for my running sessions. Glad to find it.

Pretty not too bad.

This little device is just what I needed. I work where no cell phones or anything with cameras are allowed so it was a struggle finding something to play music all the time that you can update so easily. My only issue with this device is that you cannot charge it at the same time as playing it. I am stuck in a haul truck with no service or wifi for 12 hours at a time and it would be nice if I could have the music constantly instead of having to wait for it to charge in between. A micro USB for charging along with the aux would be great. Or a 12 hour battery life would work too but that's a long shot!

Vibin' Mightily

A regret-less purchase. Love everything Mighty stands to offer: a completely unplugged experience, just yourself and the music. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out


Perfect except for the fact it takes around 30 sec to power up

Too big

Not able to vonnect

I love it! I no longer have a smartphone and mighty was a great solution for music. I connect it with the bluetooth in my car for drives and take it with me on runs. I update my music and podcasts through my iPad and it works great! I just wish there was an option to shuffle each of my playlists instead of them only being able to be played in the order i made them. Also, the battery doesn't last too long, but that still hasn't been much of a problem for me because I just plug it into my car charger and my runs aren't too long. I guess my only other complaint is that it takes a bit of time to connect to a device via bluetooth, but it still connects nonetheless so thats great. All in all, I am so happy I made this purchase because it made ditching my smartphone so much easier (I can't live w/o music)!

Mighty love it

It's tiny and cute, the clip is big enough to place on anything pants, shirt, bags. It is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. A denitite recommendation

Amazing little Mighty!!

I used to sit in bed at night as a kid (back in the 80's.) and think how cool it would be to have a small device with all the music in the world at my fingertips. Well say hello to the Mighty. Just create playlists on Spotify, synch and go. It really is that easy. If you do have any problems the help center is fantastic but I have yet to have any all. I landscape for a living so carrying around a big smartphone is not an option. Just clip and go! And be ready to go from Sunshine Day (The Brady Bunch) to Reptile (Nine Inch Nails). Just an amazing little gadget.

Mighty Vibe

Very nice and compact

This product is sleek! The battery life is good. For some reason I need to connect the device to an outlet to get the full 100% charge. When using computer USB port, I can only charge up to 78%. The app does take a while to get use to if you're using wireless headphones (can be glitchy). Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. Theres a lot of storage space for songs, long battery life, and minimalistic design.

Light Weight, Durable, Easy to Use

Have been using my Mighty for about 2 weeks now about 4 hours each week. Usually use it while mowing the lawn or working out at the gym. Now I don’t have the heavy phone bouncing around in pockets, and I don’t worry about leaving it on a machine.

Easy setup, really like that I can save basically every song I have ever listened to on Spotify to the Mighty. It holds a ton of songs.

Would definitely recommend to someone looking for a shuffle alternative.

Mighty Vibe

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