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Mighty 3
Julia R. (Reno, US)
Good for kids

This solved for my kid wanting her own music on all the time without screen time. Very easy to use. Now let’s see if we can not lose it.

Mighty 3
Megan S. (Cartersville, US)
Pretty much the best choice for my pre-teen!

I am SO GLAD I found the Mighty 3! My daughter is 11 years old, and I'm just not quite ready for her to have her own smartphone yet. But she LOVES music and is always kicking me off of my Spotify account when she gets home from school. We tried an MP3 player for her outdoor activities, but it was a mess to navigate and even more of a mess trying to download music to it since I don't use anything other than Spotify. I came across the Mighty 3 on on TikTok and ordered it immediately from Amazon, it was probably the fastest purchase I have ever made! We had it set up ready to go with the playlists she has on my account in less than an hour after it arrived, it was so simple. We charge it overnight, which is when it automatically updates her music if she adds more songs to her lists from the app... and since it is connected to my Spotify account, I can keep an eye on what she's listening to without being a ridiculous helicopter-mom. She's able to navigate the player with ease, it's small and clips securely when she goes outside to play, and comes in super handy when she's being dragged along to errands or other "boring" places.
Can't rave about the Mighty 3 enough, it is wonderful! Next up is to buy the carrying case so it can be safely packed up for trips.

Mighty 3
Leo Z. (Phoenix, US)
pretty good!

Every time I listen to music, i usually do it for a few hours straight. ;-; So the Mighty's battery life isn't that great for me, but is still better than nothing :/. However, my playlist (named Plailyst) has a few hundred songs, and I only want to listen to the last few. So when i finish the Plailyst, I have to keep clicking "next," which is really annoying, as I can't go back. :(

Mighty 3
Anonymous (Kirkland, US)
We love it for our 10 year old

So far so good. We have had it for a couple weeks and have had no issues with syncing.
Our 10 year old wanted a music player so it’s easy for us to sync playlists for her.
Our only issue is the sound quality. It is static with Bluetooth headphones so we have to use wired headphones to get good sound quality.

Mighty 3
Manfredi (Zurich, CH)
Super good!

It is all good and does everything it says it does!
If i shall make few small remarks id say that the battery life is a bit short with 5 hours of playback, the first sync/upload takes ages and sometime it freezes if your too frantic with pushing buttons and so!
Yet I’d buy it agan!

Mighty 3
Dara K. (Dublin, IE)

Easy to transport and GREAT FOR LONG TRIPS


Mighty 3
Sebastian B. (Salida, US)
Very long battery life

A awesome way to listen to music without a phone! I love it's small design so that you can put it anywhere even if it's a small pocket it still works. I have put a lot of songs and podcasts on it and it still works perfectly fine.

Mighty 3
Melanie C. (Melbourne, AU)
Perfect! 5 Star

the mightly3 is perfect for my daughters needs without giving her a phone. she is in love! super happy I purchased this and would recommend to anyone.

Mighty 3
wesley (Westminster, US)
why you need a mighty

because it is good for anyone who doesn't want there kid to have a phone.

Mighty 3
Richard D. (St Austell, GB)
Life saver

Mighty 3 has been my life saver. I’m training for a half marathon to raise money for charity to support brain tumour patients and this little device has made the training bearable. There’s no hefty phone on your arm whilst pounding the streets, just a very light and easily.wearable piece giving fantastic sound for my workout music. Definitely a must for any runner.
Support from the Mighty team is pretty good if any problems occur.

Mighty 3
Brooke H. (Brisbane, AU)
Awesome music player

This is a game changer for kids music players! Love that there is no need for internet connection and I can control what my kids can listen to. Setup was very simple and the device itself is a great little compact size. Very happy!

Mighty 3
The I.3. (Grays, GB)
Mighty might my

My Mighty is invaluable to me. I suffer with sleep issues and I can use this to relax with. Well I do not know where to begin, I love it as no screen display to brighten the room disturbing my wifes sleep. I can use it with wired or not wired earphones, again a bonus. It was bought for me as a present and I would very much like another so I can use that elsewhere. As I am not working that will be something that unfortunately have to wait. As soon as I can afford another, it will be bought for my sanity alone, it will be worth it. Love the mighty best device I have had for years. Just like my first walkman it can go anywhere not need anything but a button push to get it going and I smile while listening to my music. What more could I want?

Mighty 3
Prezado C. (Lisbon, PT)
Second Mighty and counting…! :)

This is already our second Mighty and not because the first one broke, but because no one wants to share it! Each of the kids wanted their own, after getting the first one. With this second one, we even had some weird email trouble setting up the account and their customer service did not rest until the issue was fixed!
We love our Mightys! The kids have even invented a funny game, to make the most of the lack of screen and the fact the software is only in English: they give their playlists either Portuguese names or silly English names. In both cases, they laugh out loud when they change playlists and the voice reads out the names! It’s the best!

Mighty 3
Albert G. (Phoenix, US)
Awesome little device

I've been looking for something that can play my Amazon Music list without having to be attached to wifi or having to play through my phone. This works great! Excellent Bluetooth connection to my speaker and easy to use. It's still fairly new, but so far, loving it!

Waterproof Mighty Vibe
Lisa B. (Melbourne, AU)
Best swimming option - headphones suggestion

Best swimming music option since swim-man’s underwater iPod. I can still use my swim-man headphones and they’re much better - hey mighty, maybe you can get those instead????
Sound not quite up to the iPod quality but Otherwise an absolute legend of a little system.
So glad we found you mighty! Xx

Mighty 3
Fred d. (Brussels, BE)
Works well!

Baught for my daughter of 10, no screen and works perfectly. Ideal alternative for a smartphone if you only need the music. Syncing playlists and playing them on the device works well. Can only recommend. Hopefully it will last over time. Only minor downside are the plastics of the device which could have been of better quality. That would have made it 100% super

Mighty 3
S.O. (Melbourne, AU)
Mighty mighty

Fantastic device and super easy to use

Mighty 3
Must have for kids

Without any hesitation, this is the music player you need for children. No screen, simple use, control on the parents' phone, automatic synchronization with playlist/podcast, Bluetooth connection, fair battery life.

Mighty 3
Artemis V. (Stockholm, SE)
Very neat but with some technical issues

I've only been using the Mighty for two weeks and I must say that I LOVE how convenient it is to bring with me on runs. However, sometimes the volume can't be changed and this can only be resolved by turning it on and off and / or charging it (although it is already fully charged).
But yeah, the pro's outweigh the cons!!

Mighty 3
Great for runs

I didn’t want to take my whole phone with me while running. Mighty easily downloaded my favorite Spotify playlist, connected to my wireless headphones and made it easy for me to work out without carrying too much stuff. It clips securely to my shorts or Tshirt. Install and setup were surprisingly easy, and the app made it easy to connect to wireless headphones. Highly recommend.

Mighty 3
Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)
Got tweens? You need this in your life!

My phone is constantly being “borrowed” by my daughter and son to listen to music or audio books, especially on road trips. Our kids have no need for phones, so didn’t want to go down that road yet. Ordered our Mighty (plus case) last week it arrived promptly with super easy instructions and it was VERY easy to download Spotify playlists and audiobooks/ podcasts too. It’s tiny but works easily and kids have used it a lot. We head overseas next week and I am so happy we got one… have been recommending them to anyone who’ll listen!! It’s worth the money!

Mighty 3
Justin M. (Lewisville, US)
Great customer service

Really impressed by the customer service. They go over and beyond to help. I’m looking forward to when they can download audiobooks on Spotify.

Mighty 3
John B. (Timnath, US)
Solid, but need audible

Great for kids and Playlists. Hope they can add Audible soon.

Mighty 3
Anonymous (Lancaster, US)

My dad got me a Mighty 3 for my birthday so I can listen to it on the bus and it's epic. It feels like the sound quality is downloaded at 100% and isn't cut back at all from the original audio. The Bluetooth pairing is a little slow (10 seconds) but it doesn't bother me. I highly recommend this music player because it has changed my life. :) thank you mighty!!

Mighty 3
Caroline S. (Chevy Chase, US)
It is awesome!!!

I love my mighty. It is so helpful in that it doesn’t need wi-fi.

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