Mighty - Play Your Spotify Music Without A Phone


Can you
your phone?

Music and podcasts without a phone, screen, or connection

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The Mighty Vibe

• Wireless syncing
• 5+ hours of playback
• 1,000+ songs
• Bluetooth & wired headphones
• Water & drop resistant
• Spotify Premium required

The Press

"This little device got me through all of my solo 20 milers"

"Mighty Vibe is the ultimate fitness tool"

"The Spotify iPod Shuffle I’ve been asking for forever, this is HUGE"

"Reimagining the music player for the streaming generation"

"A tiny Spotify player that frees you from your phone"

"Don’t worry runners, this device replaces the dead iPod Shuffle"

"Mighty helps you focus entirely on you and your music without worrying about distractions"

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